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FOCUS School of the Year

The “FOCUS School of the Year” was created to recognize schools that have implemented the FOCUS program within their school and, as a result, have created successful prevention activities and events.
In order to be considered for the FOCUS School of the Year Contest your school will need to submit a description of their prevention activities and events from August 1 - April 1.

Eligibility Requirements:
  1. The school’s FOCUS Facilitator must submit a description on the FOCUS website at www.thefocusprogram.com by the deadline.
  2. The school’s FOCUS Facilitator must also upload a supporting video to the FOCUS YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/AlabamaFOCUS.
  3. The winner must be registered as a FOCUS School (register at www.thefocusprogram.com/registration).  
Judging Criteria:
  1. The school has demonstrated dedication and commitment to creating successful prevention activities and events.
  2. The school has demonstrated that the activities or events were based on a youth led approach and sought to promote youth involvement in the planning of prevention activities. 
  3. The school must plan and implement a World's Day Activity (Planning Guide may be found on the FOCUS website's Facilitator Page).
Winners Will Receive:
  1. First place will receive $500, a framed Award Certificate and a trophy.
  2. Second place will receive $250, a certificate and a trophy.
  3. Third place will receive $100, a certificate and a trophy.

“FOCUS School of the Year” will receive awards at the individual school's Awards Day Program. 
Please share your program’s successful prevention activities and events on a regular basis and be recognized in the FOCUS e-Newsletter, website, and via social media throughout the year!
Contact ‚ÄčApril Freitag at afreitag@thefocusprogram.com to share your event or success story.  



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