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Student-Led Prevention of Adolescent Risk Behaviors

Empowering students to be actively involved in reducing the incidences

of risky behaviors among their peers.

How would you know if your students were

experiencing these issues?



are sexually active

did not use any protection before last sexual intercourse


have not ever been tested for HIV


currently drink alcohol

have ever used e-cigs


Alabama High School Youth Behavior Survey, 2019

FOCUS schools have access to:

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Strategic Resources

Current research data, statistics, and resources are made exclusively available to FOCUS facilitators so you know how to have those hard conversations.


FOCUS Rallies

Fun and interactive rallies are accessible only to FOCUS programs.


Experienced Speakers

Call upon any of our well-experienced speakers to address your school body or FOCUS program.









What would you do if you knew? How could you help?

Be supported and equipped to encourage

students to make safe decisions.

Bracy Headshot.jpg

Tarithia Bracy

"2020 Difference Maker

 Outstanding Facilitator"

"FOCUS is a great program that builds character, citizenship, communication, and decision-making skills. FOCUS teaches students to become leaders within their own school and how to advocate for issues towards their peers."


Ada Ruth Huntley

Former FOCUS President

"I am incredibly thankful to have participated in the FOCUS program throughout high school. I learned so much about myself and the world around me, and it taught me how to address difficult topics introspectively and with others. It truly helped shape me into the leader than I am today."


Amy McCreless

FOCUS Facilitator

"Many students who have often hidden their pain behind smiles or kept quietly to themselves have  come forward to share that they finally felt like they were being heard and understood. FOCUS provides a niche like no other as students form bonds once they realize that they truly have common ground during their challenging teen years."

unnamed (2).jpg

Claire Hendrickson


"FOCUS has taught me how to speak up and reach out! The FOCUS program has provided me friendships and knowledge I will forever hold dear to my heart! Every school needs a FOCUS program!"

Decrease youth risk behaviors at your school!



Register your school online. Membership is free!



Get the word out to your school and community of your new FOCUS Program!



Receive an Implementation Guide, Character Traits and Quotes, PowerPoint presentations, Certificates for students, student webcasts, and more.

At FOCUS, we know you are the kind of person who wants to help young adults be the best version of themselves they can be. In order to really see their needs and habits, you need to participate in the FOCUS Program. The problem is you may not know if students will participate in a healthy habits program, which makes you feel disheartened towards the safety of your students. We believe that at the heart of every educator and mentor is the care of their students’ well being. We understand that finding someone to speak on sensitive topics can be difficult. That’s why we have access to many experienced speakers and influencers to talk about real-life issues with young adults. Here’s how it works: first, register your school with FOCUS through our website. Next, determine if you will offer FOCUS as an extracurricular activity or class. Then, watch as young adults grow aware of risky behaviors and practice how they can protect themselves and their peers. So register to be a FOCUS school, so you can stop wondering if your students know the true consequences of their actions and start being equipped to encourage young adults to be safe in all areas of life. 


FOCUS is being replicated through the state of Alabama and has involved schools or educators from all 67 counties. FOCUS is funded through the Alabama Department of Public Health, and supported by the Alabama State Department of Education, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama Caring Foundation, and Alabama Campaign for Adolescent Sexual Health. FOCUS partners with the Children Policy Councils and several other community-based organizations.

A trained staff is available to assist schools in Grades 6-12 with implementation of FOCUS! Membership is Free! As part of our network, FOCUS Facilitators have access to our electronic publications and informational resources, including: Facilitator Training modules, Implementation Guide, Character Traits and Quotes, PowerPoint presentations, Certificates for students, use of FOCUS logo, student webcasts, and other resources.

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