Operation Birthday Wish

A FOCUS Community Service Partnership
with the AL Department of Human Resources (DHR).

Operation Birthday Wish is a community service project which was started by Chilton County High School's FOCUS Program and has spread to other schools and FOCUS programs throughout the state of Alabama. The project works to ensure that every child in foster care receives a birthday present and a book every year. 

How to implement Operation Birthday Wish:

  1. Establish leadership within your chapter to be over Operation Birthday Wish

  2. Contact your local Department of Human Resources

  3. Recruit donors

  4. Plan for the following month

  5. Assign due dates for presents

  6. Decide if you want the present wrapped upon delivery or not

  7. Contact your donors

  8. Assemble presents for delivery once donated

  9. Wrap presents and label with foster child number, gender, and age 

  10. Deliver the gifts to DHR

  11. Repeat steps 3 through 10

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